Recruitment Process

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Delhi Police Recruitment 

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Delhi Police usually requires CCTV Security Services regularly for help with their work. Their recruitment procedures are carefully and cautiously selected and executed to ensure that there is no loophole left because when it comes to public safety quality cannot be compromised. Recruitment should be done carefully especially when you are hiring any company for safety and security purpose. You can trust only the best Security Surveillance Services for that matter.

Recruitment procedure of Delhi Police involves covering of whole area wherever any major event is supposed to happen including the physical tests, written tests or checking centres. Complete area is covered with immense care and intricacies are taken into account. A total of 13 cameras are installed on the ground where physical test is held with main focus at the entrance. 3 cameras are installed at the entrance itself to zoom and closely examine the faces of all the participants and other staff members entering the ground. 

cctv camera services
CCTV security services

.Their faces are recorded and stored for security purposes so that later on there is no issue with recognizing the faces. We have worked with them and performed up to everyone’s expectations and with minimum or no flaws. We have also provided our CCTV Camera Services to cover the VVIP route from Prime Minister’s house to Delhi Airport and other prestigious services. We at CCTV on Hire offer reliable CCTV Rental Services to Business as well as domestic customers. Our team is professional and an expert with it’s work. We do our best to minimize the time taken during installation and since we also provide Security Surveillance Services on rental we make sure that least damage is done to the walls or the place of installation while installing and while taking off.